Bscj T Lucas Msac

Counselor at Substance Use Abuse Counselor

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Baltimore, Maryland, United States


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Substance Use Abuse Counselor

Nov 2015 — Present ∙︎ 7 years 4 months

FAQ about Bscj T Lucas Msac

Which general information about Bscj T Lucas Msac is available in our database?

They presently reside in Baltimore, MD.

What organization is Bscj T Lucas Msac employed by?

Bscj T Lucas Msac is believed to be employed at Substance Use Abuse Counselor.

What career does Bscj T Lucas Msac pursue?

Bscj T Lucas Msac is employed as a counselor.

Does Bscj T Lucas Msac have an academic degree?

There is no information about Bscj T Lucas Msac's college education in our database.

What are the fields that Bscj T Lucas Msac has work experience in?

We don't have any information about the professional fields in which Bscj T Lucas Msac worked.

Is any information available about the people employed at the same company as Bscj T Lucas Msac?

The information about Bscj T Lucas Msac's workmates is unknown.

What's Bscj T Lucas Msac's inferred salary?

We found no information about Bscj T Lucas Msac's salary range.

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