Karol Gaagcki

Tax Professional at H&R Block

industry: Accounting

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Royal Oak, Michigan, United States


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Tax Professional

H&R Block

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Kansas City, MO



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FAQ about Karol Gaagcki

Which general information is available regarding Karol Gaagcki?

They are a resident of Royal Oak, MI.

Which organization does Karol Gaagcki work for?

According to public records, Karol Gaagcki has a job with H&R Block, a retail industry organization created in 1955 with a total staff of 10001+.

What is Karol Gaagcki's occupation?

Karol Gaagcki is a tax professional.

Is Karol Gaagcki a college graduate?

No college records have been found in our database.

What are the industries that Karol Gaagcki has professional experience in?

Karol Gaagcki has been employed in the fields of accounting and retail.

Who else is employed by the company where Karol Gaagcki works?

Karol Gaagcki's workmates are Phyllis Katz, a senior tax advisor; Lea Brock, an office manager; Cody Danke, a senior support specialist; Ruth Spahr, a tax preparer; Dana Prentiss, an accountant; Rhonda Sanches, an ea master tax advisor; Anita Collins, a master tax advisor; Pamela Kinney, a tax specialist ii; Wilma Mero, an income tax preparer; Monika Tuli, a tax preparer and customer relation; Jacalyn Drees, a tax consultant; Elizabeth Mccoy, a tax preparer.

What's Karol Gaagcki's monthly salary?

Karol Gaagcki earns $70,000-85,000 every month. The information is provided based on the data available for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

Karol Gaagcki's co-workers at H&R Block

Phyllis Katz

Senior Tax Advisor

Royal Oak, MI

Lea Brock

Office Manager

Royal Oak, MI

Cody Danke

Senior Support Specialist

Clinton Township, MI

Ruth Spahr

Tax Preparer

Dearborn Heights, MI

Dana Prentiss


Detroit, MI

Rhonda Sanches

Ea Master Tax Advisor

Bloomingdale, MI

Anita Collins

Master Tax Advisor

Detroit, MI

Pamela Kinney

Tax Specialist Ii


Wilma Mero

Income Tax Preparer

Detroit, MI

Monika Tuli

Tax Preparer And Customer Relation

Auburn Hills, MI

Jacalyn Drees

Tax Consultant


Elizabeth Mccoy

Tax Preparer

Clarkston, MI

Professionals with the same job title: Tax Professional

Walt Devries

Jenison, MI

Don Hermann

Spring Lake, MI

James Russell

Liberty Tax Service

Sterling Heights, MI

Brenda Berry

Muskegon, MI

Sheila Weigold

Aim Tax And Financial

Bridgeport, MI

Jim Lewis

Guess?, Inc.

Kalamazoo, MI

Luanne York

Tax Wise Tax Service

Holland, MI

Lashanda Richardson

Hamilton Community Health Network

Flint, MI

Richard Lightgare


Highland Park, MI

Wendy Spiot

Lock Spiot Tax & Financial Services

Davison, MI

Cynthia Smith

Protax & Notary Service

Holland, MI

Cicely Kaiser

Auburn Hills, MI

Karol Gaagcki's former colleagues

Jeri Litterly

Tax Preparer


Springfield, IL

Robert Springer


R. Springer & Associates

Jacksonville, FL

Doris Whitaker

Inside Sales Coordinator

Elgin Sweeper

Chicago, IL

Lauren Heckert


Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

Seminole, FL

Brenda Grondin


L.a Professional Bookkeeping Services

Auburn, ME

Mitzi Gilmer

Kingsport, TN

Maureen Bowman

Business Owner

Milwaukee, WI

Steven Dickey


Visiting Angels

Washington, DC

Judy Barger

Board Of Directors

Crime Stoppers Of Nebraska

Lincoln, NE

Donna Treacy

Occupational Therapist

Stony Brook Medicine

Cortland, NY

Bonnie Gray

Educator And Mentor Coordinator

Granville Central High School

Poultney, VT

Donna Pridgen

Vice President

Gemco Pelletizing Dies And Machining

Victoria, TX

Colleagues in the industry: Accounting

Melissa Caramagno

Royal Oak, Michigan

Royal Oak, MI

Taryn Racine

Tax Manager


Royal Oak, MI

Alexander Deroche

Assurance Senior Manager

Bdo Usa, Llp

Royal Oak, MI

Deana Sawicki

Accountant Assistant

Healthcare Financial Management

Royal Oak, MI

Jamie Sedlacek

Royal Oak, MI

Judy Heater-Unsworth

Supervisory Auditor

Defense Contract Audit Agency

Royal Oak, MI

Alicia Spliedt

Internal Auditor Iii

Beaumont Health System

Royal Oak, MI

Richard Gibbs

Chief Financial Officer

Hillside Investment Company

Royal Oak, MI

Adam Piesko

Assurance Senior


Royal Oak, MI

Kora Boff

Royal Oak, MI

Kate Mackool



Royal Oak, MI

Brian Unsworth

Royal Oak, MI

People with the same inferred salary ($70,000-85,000)

Ashley Althouse

Endoscopy Nurse at Beaumont Health System

Royal Oak, MI

Alison Botvinick

Assistant Sales Manager at Neiman Marcus

Royal Oak, MI

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Mobility Specialist at Vcom Solutions

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Adrianne Mclarahmore

Management Analyst at Us Army

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Project Facilitator at Beaumont Health System

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Assistant Principal at Farmington Public Schools

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Lead Operations Analyst 1 at Xpo Logistics

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Registered Nurse at Beaumont Health System

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Brittany Klooster

Business Consultant at Free Lance

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Alyssa Iannello

Registered Nurse at Henry Ford Health System

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