Jeffrey Iwanski

Contract Administrator at The Reynolds And Reynolds Company

industry: Consumer Goods

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+1 (937) 638-5011

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About Jeffrey Iwanski


Kettering, Ohio, United States



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Dayton, OH


Sidney, OH


Amasa, MI


Savannah, GA


Savannah, GA


Umatilla, FL


Umatilla, FL


Mcfarland, WI


Lincoln, NE


Crystal Falls, MI


Contract Administrator

The Reynolds And Reynolds Company

Mar 2015 — Present ∙︎ 8 years 9 months

About The Reynolds And Reynolds Company


Dayton, OH


Computer Software

Company size




Statistics And Mathematics Tutor

Devry University

Nov 2010 — Feb 2011 ∙︎ 3 months

About Devry University


Downers Grove, IL


Higher Education

Company size


Infantary Specialist

Us Army

Jul 2006 — Sep 2009 ∙︎ 3 years 2 months

About Us Army


Arlington, VA



Company size




Sales Support Supervisor

ROLES: Sales (Accounts)

LEVEL: Manager

Best Buy

Nov 2011 — Feb 2015 ∙︎ 3 years 3 months

About Best Buy


Richfield, MN



Company size





supervisory skills

handle confidential information

conflict management

cash management

microsoft office

microsoft technologies

mathematics education

customer service

customer retention

proactive self starter



file management

adult education

higher education

retail sales

telephone skills

multi line phone

military experience

FAQ about Jeffrey Iwanski

What general information is available about Jeffrey Iwanski?

Jeffrey Iwanski is a man. He is currently located in Kettering, OH.

What company does he work with?

He works for The Reynolds And Reynolds Company, a company engaged in the computer software industry since 1866, with 1001-5000 employees in total.

What kind of work does Jeffrey Iwanski do?

He is known to work as a contract administrator.

What college did he study at?

We couldn't find any information about his university education.

What areas does Jeffrey Iwanski have professional experience in?

He has already worked for these industries: consumer goods, higher education, military, retail and computer software.

Who else is an employee at the company he works for?

Jeffrey Iwanski's colleagues are Vance Stephenson, a senior financial mgmt accountant; Alex Adams, a customer service representative; Aaron Bowman, a systems sales trainee; Aubrey Klosterman, a marketing communications specialist; Cory Barlage, an application developer; Judith Storer, an administrator; Ryan Estridge, a consumer solutions professional at the reynolds and reynolds company; Alice Elliott, an analyst; Samuel Cherry, an analyst; Mark Beougher, a manager; Venkata Penmetsa, an application developer specialist; Ryan Fleming, a project aid.

Does he have supervisory skills competencies?

Yes, he has supervisory skills skills along with 18 other professional skills.

Which companies did Jeffrey Iwanski work at before the current job?

Jeffrey Iwanski worked for 3 companies — Devry University, Us Army, and Best Buy.

How much does Jeffrey Iwanski earn?

Based on our records, Jeffrey Iwanski's inferred monthly earnings are $55,000-70,000. This information is provided in accordance with the data analyzed for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

Jeffrey Iwanski's co-workers at The Reynolds And Reynolds Company

Vance Stephenson

Senior Financial Mgmt Accountant

Kettering, OH

Alex Adams

Customer Service Representative

Kettering, OH

Aaron Bowman

Systems Sales Trainee

Kettering, OH

Aubrey Klosterman

Marketing Communications Specialist

Kettering, OH

Cory Barlage

Application Developer

Dayton, OH

Judith Storer


Dayton, OH

Ryan Estridge

Consumer Solutions Professional At The Reynolds And Reynolds Company

Cincinnati, OH

Alice Elliott


Dayton, OH

Samuel Cherry


Dayton, OH

Mark Beougher


Celina, OH

Venkata Penmetsa

Application Developer Specialist

Dayton, OH

Ryan Fleming

Project Aid

Cincinnati, OH

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De-El Enterprises

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Bkm Capital Partners

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Bimbo Bakeries Usa

Dallas, TX

Jeffrey Iwanski's former colleagues

Wayne Anthony

Manager Of Educational Partnerships

Devry University

San Francisco, CA

Amy Pence

Humanities Tutor

Pace Academy

Atlanta, GA

Ken Morrell

Director Of Wholesale Operations

Seminole Tribe Of Florida

Miami, FL

Lora Kahn

New York, NY

Richard Villagomez

Adjunct Instructor

Citrus College

Los Angeles, CA

John Flinter

Pittsburgh, PA

Angela Howard

Vice President Of Enrollment Support

Empire Beauty Schools

Matteson, IL

Suzanne Flores

Fielding Graduate University

Windsor, CA

David Elrod

Senior Finance Director

Meridian® Brick

Alpharetta, GA

Albert Cama

Zarephath, NJ

Derek Otieno

Senior Software Developer Trainer


Richmond, VA

Afroz Ahmad

Consulting Engineer

New York City Transit

Hicksville, NY

Colleagues in the industry: Consumer Goods

Andrew Cheesewright

Professional Hockey Player

Free Agent

Kettering, OH

Mike Zink

Kettering, OH

Jayne Groeber



Kettering, OH

Karen Timmer


Advantage Sales & Marketing

Kettering, OH

Brian Knapp

Alliance, OH

Kenn Da


Akron, OH

Carmen Maynard

Aberdeen, OH

Wesia Rigdon

Aberdeen, OH

Jaclyn Arbaugh

Albany, OH

Carolyn Collins

Akron, OH

Diana Burkadt

Akron, OH

Ken Isroff

Akron, OH

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Salon Manager at Jcpenney

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Cindy Coomer

Inventory Management Specialist at Chico's Fas, Inc.

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Tim Hartke

Director Of Client Services at Stephens Direct

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Patsy Mercuri

Operations Manager at Systematic Solutions

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Marilyn Smith

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Finance Manager Jeff Schmitt Autogroup at Jeff Schmitt Nissan

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Karen Frost

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Maria Mcginnis

Art Teacher at Richard Allen Prep Chrtr Schl

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Marcy Cheek

Portfolio Manager at Anthem

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Montgomery Riedel

Retail Sales Consultant at At&T

Skills: customer retention, customer service, sales

Joseph Kronenberger

Assistant Vice President Business Development And Banking Center Manager at Wesbanco

Skills: customer retention, customer service, sales

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Laura Vielbig

Physical Therapist at Miami Valley Hospital

Kettering, OH

Heidi Drought

Product Specialist at Ladd Industries

Kettering, OH

Chris Cordell

Nurse Practitioner at Premier Health Partners

Kettering, OH

Logan Conkey

Inpatient Pharmacist at Kettering Health Network

Kettering, OH

Victoria Lykins

Human Capital Consultant

Kettering, OH

Jerry Robinson

Sales at Ohio Eagle

Kettering, OH

Betsey Pryor

Quality Assurance Auditor at Pmsi

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Louise Perri

Legal Assistant at Murr Compton Claypoole & Macbeth

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Mike Owens

Sales Associate at Better Homes And Gardens Real Estate Big Hill

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First Assistant Manager at Arbys

Kettering, OH

Denis Cahill

Developer at Superior Integrated Solutions

Kettering, OH

John Raponi

Sales At Dot Systems at Dot Systems, Inc.

Kettering, OH

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Jeffrey Iwanski

Operations Manager

Savannah, GA