Gail Bowman

Legal Secretary at Law Firm

roles: Legal

industry: Law Practice

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Cincinnati, Ohio, United States


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Burbank, OH


Ironton, OH


Dayton, OH


Medina, OH


Springboro, OH


Covington, OH


Findlay, OH


Coshocton, OH


Reynoldsburg, OH


Lebanon, OH


Sidney, OH


Akron, OH


Legal Secretary

ROLES: Legal

Law Firm

Aug 2009 — Present ∙︎ 14 years 4 months

About Law Firm


Law Practice

Company size


Business Systems Specialist

ROLES: Operations

Ohio Casualty/Liberty Mutual

1975 — 2009 ∙︎ 34 years


Monroe High School

Secondary school

FAQ about Gail Bowman

What general information about Gail Bowman is available?

They are presently located in Cincinnati, OH.

What is Gail Bowman's current workplace?

Gail Bowman is employed by Law Firm, an organization that works in the law practice sector and currently counts 10001+ employees.

What is Gail Bowman's job?

It is reported that Gail Bowman is a legal secretary and pursues a career in legal.

What college did Gail Bowman study at?

Gail Bowman studied at Monroe High School.

What professional areas was Gail Bowman involved in?

Gail Bowman has a background in this field: law practice.

Who works for the same company as Gail Bowman?

It is reported that the following people also work for Law Firm: Susie Chmielewski, a payroll specialist; Andrew Murtaugh, a chief operations officer; Charmelia Ford, a liar; Tali Schmalz, a law clerk; Christal Holloway, a title specialist; Bob Smith, a lawyer; Sallee Fry, an attorney; Amanda Smith, a paralegal; Raenesha Storey, a legal assistant; Adilah Holmes, a paralegal at law firm; Jeanie Conner, a paralegal; Liz Erwin, a paralegal at law firm.

Which companies has Gail Bowman worked at?

Before Law Firm, Gail Bowman was employed by Ohio Casualty/Liberty Mutual.

Is there any information as to how much Gail Bowman earns per month?

Based on our records, Gail Bowman's monthly salary is $55,000-70,000. This information is provided in accordance with the data available for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

Gail Bowman's co-workers at Law Firm

Susie Chmielewski

Payroll Specialist

Cincinnati, OH

Andrew Murtaugh

Chief Operations Officer

Cincinnati, OH

Charmelia Ford


Cincinnati, OH

Tali Schmalz

Law Clerk

Cincinnati, OH

Christal Holloway

Title Specialist

Cincinnati, OH

Bob Smith


Cincinnati, OH

Sallee Fry


Cincinnati, OH

Amanda Smith


Cincinnati, OH

Raenesha Storey

Legal Assistant

Cincinnati, OH

Adilah Holmes

Paralegal At Law Firm

Cincinnati, OH

Jeanie Conner


Cincinnati, OH

Liz Erwin

Paralegal At Law Firm

Avon, OH

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Public Policy Analytics International

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Cincinnati, OH

Robert Lamb

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Speech Language Pathologist at Cincinnati Public Schools

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Gail Bowman


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Gail Bowman

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Gail Bowman


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