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Chicago, Illinois, United States



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Carpentersvle, IL


Gurnee, IL


Arlington Heights, IL


Folsom, PA


Manteca, CA


Union, SC


Independence, OH


Union, SC


United Airlines

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Chicago, IL



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Roosevelt University ∙︎ Chicago, IL

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FAQ about Jim Trakas

Which information is available in our database about Jim Trakas?

Jim Trakas is a man. His present location is Chicago, IL.

Which company or organization does Jim Trakas work for?

He has a job with United Airlines, a airlines/aviation company created in 1926 with a total staff of 10001+.

What career does Jim Trakas pursue?

Employment records for Jim are not available.

Does he have an academic degree?

He used to go to Roosevelt University.

What are the areas that he has experience in?

He has been involved in the following industry: airlines/aviation.

Who else is employed by the company where Jim Trakas works?

The following people are also known to work for United Airlines: Bruce Hoinacki, an account manager; Michelle Bailey, an administrative assistant; Daniel Stone, an aircraft maintenance controller; Emilio Contreras, an airport operations supervisor; Karen Ferrando, an aircraft system router; Diane Guidi, an airport operations supervisor; Claudia Gomez, an airport operations coordinator; Grace Himatay, an administrative assistant; Michael Wonnacott, an aircraft maintenance technician; Guy Unabia, an analyst at united airlines; David Burry, an a and p technician; Michael Mueller, an analyst, business development.

What's Jim Trakas's inferred monthly income?

No information about Jim Trakas's salary has been found.

Jim Trakas's co-workers at United Airlines

Bruce Hoinacki

Account Manager

Chicago, IL

Michelle Bailey

Administrative Assistant

Chicago, IL

Daniel Stone

Aircraft Maintenance Controller

Chicago, IL

Emilio Contreras

Airport Operations Supervisor

Chicago, IL

Karen Ferrando

Aircraft System Router

Chicago, IL

Diane Guidi

Airport Operations Supervisor

Chicago, IL

Claudia Gomez

Airport Operations Coordinator

Chicago, IL

Grace Himatay

Administrative Assistant

Chicago, IL

Michael Wonnacott

Aircraft Maintenance Technician

Chicago, IL

Guy Unabia

Analyst At United Airlines

Chicago, IL

David Burry

A And P Technician

Chicago, IL

Michael Mueller

Analyst, Business Development

Chicago, IL

Jim Trakas's former colleagues

Donna Gooch

Birmingham, AL

Jim Kaletta

Deputy Commander Group 5

Civil Air Patrol

Punta Gorda, FL

Doug Wilsman

Ramona, CA

Dale Goodwin

Pleasant Plains, IL

Bob O'roark

Chicago, IL

Craig Kawa

Dacono, CO

Francis Butts

Austin, TX

Ralph Winstead

San Francisco, CA

Laverne Holste

Chief Executive Officer

Culleoka, TN

Ken Diggs

Los Angeles, CA

Connie Smith

Member Board Of Directors

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San Francisco, CA

Norma Harrison

Berkeley, CA

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Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Jim Trakas


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