Alaina Orr

Research Technician at Charles River Laboratories

roles: Education

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Mount Vernon, Ohio, United States



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Toledo, OH


Peebles, OH


Granville, OH


Chillicothe, OH


Cleveland, OH


Cleveland, OH


Cleveland, OH


Centerburg, OH


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West Unity, OH


Dayton, OH


Research Technician

ROLES: Education (Researcher)

Charles River Laboratories

Sep 2018 — Present ∙︎ 5 years 1 month

About Charles River Laboratories


Wilmington, MA



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Calvin University ∙︎ Grand Rapids, MI

Post-secondary institution

DEGREE: bachelors

2012 – 2015

FAQ about Alaina Orr

What information is known about Alaina Orr?

Alaina Orr is a female. She is presently living in Mount Vernon, OH.

What is the name of the organization where she works?

She has a job with Charles River Laboratories, a biotechnology industry company established in the year of 1947 that employs 10001+ people.

What is Alaina Orr's job?

She is a research technician and pursues a career related to the following professional field/occupation: education, researcher.

Does she have a college degree?

Alaina Orr attended Calvin University. She studied there from 2012 to 2015.

What professional fields did Alaina Orr work in?

She has worked in this area: biotechnology.

Is any information available about the people who work with Alaina Orr?

The following people are also reported to work at Charles River Laboratories: Sarah Kudrak, a human resource business partner talent acquisition; Jennifer Lotz, an associate director; Nathan Roblin, an analytical chemistry intern; Amanda Allis, a manager, business optimization; Colbee Lord, a lab technician; Jaymee Donovan, a pharmacy technician ii; Beth Crookshank, a manager, regulatory compliance; Stephanie Hollis, an analytical chemistry technician; Ethan Riehl, a necropsy technician; Michelle Hartley, an executive director, human resources - global safety assessment; B.s Jennifer Siegrist, a formulations technician iii; Tiffany Brunson, a necropsy technician ii.

What's Alaina Orr's inferred monthly salary?

Alaina Orr earns $25,000-35,000 every month. The salary information is provided based on the data available for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

Alaina Orr's co-workers at Charles River Laboratories

Sarah Kudrak

Human Resource Business Partner Talent Acquisition

Mansfield, OH

Jennifer Lotz

Associate Director

Lima, OH

Nathan Roblin

Analytical Chemistry Intern

Mansfield, OH

Amanda Allis

Manager, Business Optimization

Ashland, OH

Colbee Lord

Lab Technician

Cleveland, OH

Jaymee Donovan

Pharmacy Technician Ii

Botkins, OH

Beth Crookshank

Manager, Regulatory Compliance

Ashland, OH

Stephanie Hollis

Analytical Chemistry Technician

Lima, OH

Ethan Riehl

Necropsy Technician

Mansfield, OH

Michelle Hartley

Executive Director, Human Resources - Global Safety Assessment

Ashland, OH

B.s Jennifer Siegrist

Formulations Technician Iii

Lima, OH

Tiffany Brunson

Necropsy Technician Ii

Lima, OH

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Cleveland Clinic

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Joseph Naguy

University Of Dayton Research Institute

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Sue Ransbottom

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Alaina Orr's former colleagues

Tara Marra

Director Strategic Planning And Operations


Newbury Park, CA

April Hall

Chief Business Officer

Biomere (Biomedical Research Models, Inc.)

Daleville, VA

Alice Mcvey

Consultant And Administrator

North American 3Rs Collaborative

Hot Springs, NC

Jace Trickey

Production Manager

Sinclair Research Center, Llc

Westbrook, ME

Randy Mullin

Quality Assurance Auditor Ii At Ppd


Madison, WI

Karen Vargo


Venture Advisors

Boston, MA

Lori Theriault

Merrimack College

Windham, NH

Stan Wiklinski

Vice President Of Project Management

New York, NY

Vladimir Penkrat

Associate Vice President R And D


Denville, NJ

Bo Bierley

Chief Executive Officer

Bierley Entertainment

Mebane, NC

Scott Barnhill

Senior Business Development Manager

American Preclinical Services, Llc

Encinitas, CA

Mark Snead

Act Iii - Team Lead

Mispro Biotech Services Corporation

Durham, NC

Alaina Orr's fellow alumni

Brittany Brunink

Mcbain, MI

Joseph Garbini

Grand Rapids, MI

Jake Christiansen

Palos Heights, IL

Taylor Duyck

San Francisco, CA

Alissa Pitcher

Grand Rapids, MI

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Chicago, IL

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Grand Rapids, MI

Mike Hiskes

Chicago, IL

Jennifer Crawford

Paducah, KY

Josh Stuive

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Kristen Van Allen

Denver, CO

John Meulink

Winona Lake, IN

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Administrative Assistant at Mount Vernon City Schools

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Student Teacher at Mount Vernon Middle School

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Lori Gerrard

Data Entry Clerk

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Christy Payne

Administrative Assistant at Knox County Board Of Developmental Disabilities

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Dianna Hines

Account Associate at Huntington Insurance

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Administrative Assistant at Kenyon College

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Nikki Freeman

Administrative Assistant at Absolute Love Learning Center

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Christine Gray

Student Teacher at Mount Vernon Public Schools

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Wendi Lahmon

Administrative Assistant at Mount Vernon Nazarene University

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Carolyn Baker

Administrative Assistant at Mulberry Street Umc

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Lauren Woodward

Graduate Research Assistant at The Ohio State University

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Day Service

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Trustee And Board Member

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Surface Warfare Officer

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