Christopher Stallworth

It Technician at Appz4Less

roles: Engineering

industry: Marketing And Advertising

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Chicago, Illinois, United States



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Richton Park, IL


Steger, IL


Chicago Heights, IL


Evergreen, AL


Jackson, MS


Pensacola, FL


Beatrice, AL


Flint, MI


Troy, AL


Newport News, VA


Rialto, CA


Omaha, NE


It Technician

ROLES: Engineering (Information Technology)


Mar 2012 — Present ∙︎ 11 years 9 months


mobile applications



email marketing

mobile internet


marketing strategy



e commerce

new business development

sales management

inventory management

product marketing

account management

online marketing

market planning

web analytics

google analytics




online advertising

website development

digital marketing

lead generation

FAQ about Christopher Stallworth

Which general information is available about Christopher Stallworth?

Christopher Stallworth is a male. His place of residence is Chicago, IL.

Which business does he work for?

Our records indicate that he is currently employed by Appz4Less.

What kind of work does Christopher Stallworth do?

He works as an it technician and has a career related to the following professional field/employment: engineering, information technology.

What college did he study at?

No information is available about his higher education.

What fields does Christopher Stallworth have work experience in?

He has experience in the following field: marketing and advertising.

Who else is employed by the company he works at?

There are no records of Christopher's colleagues in our database.

Does he have any skills in mobile applications?

He has mobile applications skills along with 25 other professional skills.

What are Christopher Stallworth's inferred monthly earnings?

According to our records, Christopher Stallworth's salary range is $55,000-70,000. The salary information is provided in accordance with the statistics analyzed for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

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