Candy K Bancroft

Pse Ii at Arizona Department Of Economic Security

industry: Government Administration

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States



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Pse Ii

Arizona Department Of Economic Security

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Phoenix, AZ


Government Administration

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FAQ about Candy K Bancroft

What infomation is available in our database about Candy K Bancroft?

Candy K Bancroft is a female. She is currently located in Phoenix, AZ.

What organization is Candy K Bancroft currently employed by?

She works at Arizona Department Of Economic Security, an organization engaged in the government administration industry since 1972, with 5001-10000 employees in total.

What career does Candy K Bancroft pursue?

It is believed that she works as a pse ii.

Did she go to university?

No information is available about her university degree.

What are the industries that she worked in?

She has experience in the following area: government administration.

Is there any information about the people who work with her?

According to our database, she has the following workmates: Daniel Martz, a pse ii; Russ Mason, a pse ii; Stephanie Barry, a chief auditor at arizona department of economic security; Veronica Bailey, an administrative assistant; Laura Ramirez, an administrator ii; Norma Pina, an administrative services officer; Lisa Lucchesi, a child protective services specialist; Debbie Parrilla, an administrator secretary; Kerri Nulliner, a business operations manager; Virginia Dominguez, an administrator secretary; Ashleymarie Martin, a cps investigator; Rickie Wilson, a caseaid worker.

What is Candy K Bancroft's salary range?

There is no information about Candy K Bancroft's monthly income.

Candy K Bancroft's co-workers at Arizona Department Of Economic Security

Daniel Martz

Pse Ii

Phoenix, AZ

Russ Mason

Pse Ii

Phoenix, AZ

Stephanie Barry

Chief Auditor At Arizona Department Of Economic Security

Phoenix, AZ

Veronica Bailey

Administrative Assistant

Phoenix, AZ

Laura Ramirez

Administrator Ii

Phoenix, AZ

Norma Pina

Administrative Services Officer

Phoenix, AZ

Lisa Lucchesi

Child Protective Services Specialist

Phoenix, AZ

Debbie Parrilla

Administrator Secretary

Phoenix, AZ

Kerri Nulliner

Business Operations Manager

Phoenix, AZ

Virginia Dominguez

Administrator Secretary

Phoenix, AZ

Ashleymarie Martin

Cps Investigator

Phoenix, AZ

Rickie Wilson

Caseaid Worker

Phoenix, AZ

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Candy K Bancroft's former colleagues

Celeste Cheatham

Adjunct Professor

South Mountain Community College

Phoenix, AZ

Roely Roberson

Contract Officer

City Of Surprise

Phoenix, AZ

Manny Burruel

Art Gallery Director

Trinity Episcopal Cathedral

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Monika Hickcox

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Arizona Department Of Administration/Benefit Services Division

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Gallup-Mckinley County Schools

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Constance Leon

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Arizona Registrar Of Contractors

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Phillip Hersha

Substitute Teacher

Amphi School District

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Pamela Williams

Investigations Manager

Investigative Research

Phoenix, AZ

Matthew Grant

Deputy Chief Information Officer

Arizona Department Of Child Safety

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Kathy Ber

Legislative Director

Arizona Department Of Economic Security

Scottsdale, AZ

Colleagues in the industry: Government Administration

Ronny Lumer

Phoenix, AZ

Nancy West

Phoenix, AZ

Connie Feazell

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