Aakarsh Pandya

Business Development Manager At Egen Solutions, Inc at Egen Solutions

roles: Sales

level: Manager

industry: Staffing And Recruiting

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Chicago, Illinois, United States



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Business Development Manager At Egen Solutions, Inc

ROLES: Sales (Business Development)

LEVEL: Manager

Egen Solutions

Dec 2007 — Present ∙︎ 16 years 0 months

About Egen Solutions


Naperville, IL


Information Technology And Services

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FAQ about Aakarsh Pandya

What infomation is available in our database about Aakarsh Pandya?

Aakarsh Pandya is a male. He is currently residing in Chicago, IL.

What company does he work with?

He has a job with Egen Solutions, a information technology and services industry organization established in the year of 2000 that employs 201-500 people.

What is his profession?

He is employed as a business development manager at egen solutions, inc and pursues a career associated with the following professional field/occupation: sales, business development. Based on our records, his job level is manager.

What college did he go to?

We couldn't find any information about his higher education.

What professional areas was Aakarsh Pandya involved in?

He has already worked in these professional areas: staffing and recruiting and information technology and services.

Who else is employed by the company Aakarsh Pandya works for?

Aakarsh Pandya has the following colleagues: Jaya Battula, a data engineer; Vishwanath Goud, an in-house recruiter; Visali Mathavan, a product strategy; Vishwateja Vangari, a software developer; Amenda Miles, a software engineer; Arif Lakhani, a software engineer; Kiran Lokesh, a technical lead; Satwik Mandapati, a full stack developer; Bhavinkumar Desai, a java user interface developer; Kripanshu Bhargava, a software developer; Rashi Sharma, an accounts manager at egen solutions, inc; Trevor Benson, a sales and partnerships.

What are Aakarsh Pandya's monthly earnings?

Aakarsh Pandya makes $100,000-150,000 per month. The salary information is based on the statistics for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

Aakarsh Pandya's co-workers at Egen Solutions

Jaya Battula

Data Engineer

Chicago, IL

Vishwanath Goud

In-House Recruiter

Chicago, IL

Visali Mathavan

Product Strategy

Chicago, IL

Vishwateja Vangari

Software Developer

Chicago, IL

Amenda Miles

Software Engineer

Chicago, IL

Arif Lakhani

Software Engineer

Chicago, IL

Kiran Lokesh

Technical Lead

Chicago, IL

Satwik Mandapati

Full Stack Developer

Chicago, IL

Bhavinkumar Desai

Java User Interface Developer

Chicago, IL

Kripanshu Bhargava

Software Developer

Chicago, IL

Rashi Sharma

Accounts Manager At Egen Solutions, Inc

Chicago, IL

Trevor Benson

Sales And Partnerships

Chicago, IL

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Brand Manager

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Senior Consultant Engagement Manager

Advanced Resources

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Jake Hickey

Warehouse Operations Manager

Recovered Asset Management

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Michael Whitaker

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Robert Wilkins

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Erika Walton

Senior Manager, Compliance And Risk

Illinois Bone & Joint Institute

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Aakarsh Pandya's former colleagues

Jyoti Salitra

Senior Software Developer


Arlington, VA

Balaji Rajasekar

Full Stack Software Engineer

Strategic Solutions Group (Ssg)

Chestnut Hill, MA

Ashish Sharma

Senior Solutions Specialist


Mechanicsburg, PA

Pooja Veeramachaneni

Resources Manager


Naperville, IL

Rahul Trehan

Staff Software Engineer


Oakland, CA

Sudeeptha Rudrapattana

Security Consultant

Cigital, Inc

Chicago, IL

Arin Patel

Senior Business Technical Analyst At Mcdonald's Corporation

Mcdonald's Corporation

Chicago, IL

Sourabh Chougale

Data Engineer


Chicago, IL

Srinivas Surapani

Cloud Architect

Federal Reserve Bank Of Richmond

Richmond, VA

Monisha Thakur

Senior Software Engineer

John Deere

Chicago, IL

Kris Kumar

Vice President Business Operations At Egen Solutions, Inc

Egen Solutions

Chicago, IL

Aditya Handadi

Advanced Software Engineer


Chicago, IL

Colleagues in the industry: Staffing And Recruiting

Shawn Trivedi

Chicago, IL

Crystal Foy

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Dan Runaas

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Jennifer Frabotta

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Beth Andresen

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Michele Fitzgerald

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Tony Mancini

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Marcia Abram

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Rani Nash

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Barton Dickerson

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Aaron Cohen

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Geremy Cepin

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People with similar names

Aakarsh Pandya

Business Development Manager

Chicago, IL