Robert Jensky

Aircraft Mechanic Safety Representative at United Airlines

roles: Trades

industry: Airlines/Aviation

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Chicago, Illinois, United States



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Carpentersvle, IL


Douglasville, GA


Aircraft Mechanic Safety Representative

ROLES: Trades

United Airlines

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Chicago, IL



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FAQ about Robert Jensky

What background information is available regarding Robert Jensky?

Robert Jensky is a man. He presently resides in Chicago, IL.

Which company or organization does he work for?

He works with United Airlines, an organization engaged in the airlines/aviation industry since 1926, with 10001+ employees in total.

What is Robert Jensky’s profession?

He is employed as an aircraft mechanic safety representative and pursues a career related to the following professional field/occupation: trades.

What university did he go to?

No information is available about his higher education.

What are the professional fields that he has been involved in?

He has already worked in this professional field: airlines/aviation.

Is there any information about the people he works with?

The following people work for the same company as Robert Jensky: Justin Evans, an aircraft mechanic; Pam Walsh, an aircraft dispatcher international operations; Shaddiff Cordero, an administrative assistant; Haley Frederick, an airport operations supervisor; Samuel Neal; Harvey Leal, an aircraft technician; Daniel Diaz, an analyst - industrial engineering; Shari Nolan, an administrative assistant; Easbel Chanthayod, an analyst - digital technology pmo; Tracy Kiederlen, an analyst, human resources technology, business and systems; Kayla Burmis, an analyst - cargo ops execution; Ryan Veen, a 737 first officer.

What's Robert Jensky's inferred monthly income?

No records have been found in our database.

Robert Jensky's co-workers at United Airlines

Justin Evans

Aircraft Mechanic

Chicago, IL

Pam Walsh

Aircraft Dispatcher International Operations

Chicago, IL

Shaddiff Cordero

Administrative Assistant

Chicago, IL

Haley Frederick

Airport Operations Supervisor

Chicago, IL

Samuel Neal

Chicago, IL

Harvey Leal

Aircraft Technician

Chicago, IL

Daniel Diaz

Analyst - Industrial Engineering

Chicago, IL

Shari Nolan

Administrative Assistant

Chicago, IL

Easbel Chanthayod

Analyst - Digital Technology Pmo

Chicago, IL

Tracy Kiederlen

Analyst, Human Resources Technology, Business And Systems

Chicago, IL

Kayla Burmis

Analyst - Cargo Ops Execution

Chicago, IL

Ryan Veen

737 First Officer

Chicago, IL

Robert Jensky's former colleagues

Deborah Zack

Senior Director, Membership Services At Arizona Technology Council, Community Outreach, Arizona Connector

Arizona Technology Council

Phoenix, AZ

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Titan Retrievers

Ennis, TX

Colleagues in the industry: Airlines/Aviation

Madeline Jaderberg

Chicago, IL

Christina Grocki

Chicago, IL

Kevin Rausch

Chicago, IL

Abaya Qannoo

Chicago, IL

Elly Holzer

Chicago, IL

James Dawn

Chicago, IL

Glossie Towner

Chicago, IL

Barbara Mahoney

Chicago, IL

Andrick Whitehead

Chicago, IL

Kevin Rauen

Chicago, IL

David Beattie

Chicago, IL

Mike Madden

Chicago, IL

People with similar names

Robert Jensky

Aviation Maintenance Technician

Carpentersville, IL