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Superintedent at The University Of Akron

industry: Higher Education

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Cleveland, Ohio, United States



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The University Of Akron

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Higher Education

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FAQ about Fred U Of A

What general information about Fred U Of A is available in our database?

Fred U Of A is a male. He is a resident in Cleveland, OH.

What organization is Fred U Of A employed by?

He works for The University Of Akron, a higher education industry company founded in 1870 that currently employs 5001-10000 people.

What kind of work does Fred U Of A do?

He is known to be a superintedent.

Did he go to college?

We couldn't find any information about his higher education.

What are the professional areas he has been involved in?

He has worked in the field of higher education.

Is any information available about his workmates?

It is known that Fred U Of A's workmates are Michael Bodnar; Ed Hackathorn, a 3rd class stationary engineer; Jacob Armbruster; Cheryl Shepherd, a 3d technician and instructor at the university of akron; Jessica Brown, an assistant professor; Elisa Gargarella, an associate professor of art education; William Mchenry, an associate professor; Carolyn Mehl, an assistant vice president; Denise Brown, an associate director, office of international programs; Cwc Chase Morgan-Swaney; Linda Brouse, an administrator assist; En Cheng, an associate professor.

What's Fred U Of A's monthly salary?

The information about Fred U Of A's inferred salary is unknown.

Fred U Of A's co-workers at The University Of Akron

Michael Bodnar

Cleveland, OH

Ed Hackathorn

3Rd Class Stationary Engineer

Cleveland, OH

Jacob Armbruster

Cleveland, OH

Cheryl Shepherd

3D Technician And Instructor At The University Of Akron

Cleveland, OH

Jessica Brown

Assistant Professor

Cleveland, OH

Elisa Gargarella

Associate Professor Of Art Education

Cleveland, OH

William Mchenry

Associate Professor

Cleveland, OH

Carolyn Mehl

Assistant Vice President

Cleveland, OH

Denise Brown

Associate Director, Office Of International Programs

Cleveland, OH

Cwc Chase Morgan-Swaney

Cleveland, OH

Linda Brouse

Administrator Assist

Cleveland, OH

En Cheng

Associate Professor

Cleveland, OH

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Fred U Of A's former colleagues

Donna Webb

Professor Emeritus

Professor Emeritus From The University Of Akron

Akron, OH

Cheryl Whitmore

Cleveland, OH

Mukerrem Cakmak

Reilly Chair And Professor Of Materials And Mechanical Engineering

Purdue University

Cleveland, OH

Brenda Rodgers

Test Monitor

The University Of Akron

Cleveland, OH

Ph.d Rev. Robert Denton

Executive Director

Safety Forces Chaplaincy Center

Cleveland, OH

Abdi Emambakhsh

Senior Manager, International Information Technology At Boeing


Seattle, WA

Loretta Nunez

Director, Academic Affairs And Research Education

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (Asha)

Washington, DC

Johnna O'neal


Akron Public Schools

Akron, OH

Michael Wronkovich

Professional Teaching Fellow

Ashland University

Mansfield, OH

William Ault



Cleveland, OH

James Ryon


Pelican State Chamber Music Series

Baton Rouge, LA

Colleagues in the industry: Higher Education

Jennifer Vidmer

Cleveland, OH

Sunita Padhi

Cleveland, OH

Becky Parylak

Cleveland, OH

Gina Flick

Cleveland, OH

Eric Chilton

Cleveland, OH

Sharon Wahid

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Yeremy Peterson

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Mark Rittenour

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Helen Dugger

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