Aaron Dennis

Petroleum Engineer at Chevron

roles: Engineering

industry: Oil & Energy

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Chicago, Illinois, United States



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Chicago, IL


Metamora, IL


Wood River, IL


Westmont, IL


Lombard, IL


Granite City, IL


Downers Grove, IL


Annapolis, MD


Trenton, NJ


Bronx, NY


Franklin, IN


New York, NY


Petroleum Engineer

ROLES: Engineering


About Chevron


San Ramon, CA


Oil & Energy

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University Of St Andrews ∙︎ St Andrews, FIFE

Post-secondary institution

DEGREE: masters

FAQ about Aaron Dennis

Which general information is available regarding Aaron Dennis?

Aaron Dennis is a male. He is currently residing in Chicago, IL.

Which organization is he currently employed by?

He works for Chevron, a oil & energy company established in 1879 with 10001+ existing employees.

What does Aaron Dennis do?

He is employed as a petroleum engineer and is known to have a career in engineering.

Does he have a college degree?

He used to attend University Of St Andrews.

Which industries did he work for?

He has expertise in the following industry: oil & energy.

Who else works at the company Aaron Dennis is employed by?

The following people are known to be Aaron Dennis's workmates: Danny Pitman, a petroleum engineer; John Alex, a petroleum engineer; Eugene Russell, a petroleum engineer; Greg John, a supervisor in chevron; June Baines, a lifeguard; Jon Lombardo, a chief executive officer; Lucas Liutin, an engineer; Fred Dan, a manager; Demonte James, a marine engineer; Ahmad Amjad, a corporate auditor; Fred Castillo, a sales manager; Carol Quiambao, a finance analyst.

What's Aaron Dennis's monthly income?

Aaron Dennis's salary range is $100,000-150,000 per month. The salary information is provided based on the statistics available for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

Aaron Dennis's co-workers at Chevron

Danny Pitman

Petroleum Engineer

Chicago, IL

John Alex

Petroleum Engineer

Chicago, IL

Eugene Russell

Petroleum Engineer

Chicago, IL

Greg John

Supervisor In Chevron

Chicago, IL

June Baines


Chicago, IL

Jon Lombardo

Chief Executive Officer

Chicago, IL

Lucas Liutin


Chicago, IL

Fred Dan


Chicago, IL

Demonte James

Marine Engineer

Chicago, IL

Ahmad Amjad

Corporate Auditor

Chicago, IL

Fred Castillo

Sales Manager

Chicago, IL

Carol Quiambao

Finance Analyst

Chicago, IL

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National Iranian Oil Company

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Shell Todd Oil Services

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Northey Tretheway

Djr Energy, Llc

Butte, MT

Adel Alqahtani

Saudi Aramco

Golden, CO

Kyle Parker

Fortuna Resources

Houston, TX

Aaron Dennis's former colleagues

Dave Pritchard

Miami, FL

Leonard Caves


San Francisco, CA

Roy Martin

Senior Consulting Project Estimator

Walnut Creek, CA

Susan Roxas

Malate Catholic School

San Francisco, CA

Cheryl Nespor


Young Living Essential Oils

Sarasota, FL

Mark Witten

Covington, GA

Jim Vaughn

Miramar Beach, FL

Grampa Madison

Chief Executive Officer

Antique Lamp Creations

Temecula, CA

Robert Lindblom

Petroleum Consultant And Consulting Professor

Stanford University

Menlo Park, CA

Allen Harrison

Gautier, MS

Mary Mclaughlin


Simon & Shingler, Llp

San Francisco, CA

Al Jacobson

Director Of Business Development

Job Performance Systems

Nevada City, CA

Colleagues in the industry: Oil & Energy

Kory Knous

Chicago, IL

Rishov Sarkar

Chicago, IL

Jerry Majkowski

Chicago, IL

Joe Zimmermann

Chicago, IL

Dan Calamari

Greater Chicago Area

Chicago, IL

Aimee Daugherty

Chicago, IL

Chanel Smith

Chicago, IL

Jennifer Humple

Chicago, IL

Del Woods

Chicago, IL

Marc Corwin

Chicago, IL

John Gerlesits

Chicago, IL

Laura Faxon

Chicago, IL

Aaron Dennis's fellow alumni

Ingrid Warn

Wake Forest, NC

John Corson

Albuquerque, NM

Iain Bogle

Lansing, MI

Srinath Chakravarty

Dallas, TX

Bob Fagan

Reno, NV

Frank Shapiro

Chatsworth, CA

James Gelly

Charlottesville, VA

John Oliver

Sugar Land, TX

Charles Furlong

Charlotte, NC

Lindsay Grant

San Francisco, CA

Sally Treadwell

Lenoir, NC

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Regional Business Director- Oncology And Hematology at Takeda Oncology

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Attorney at Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner

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Aaron Anderson

Software Engineer Intern at Coursera

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Local Board Member at U S Selective Service System

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Member Services Supervisor And Manager On Duty at Lifetime Fitness

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A.p Scott Johnson

Managing Director

Chicago, IL

Aaron Adams

Senior Manager

Chicago, IL

Aaron Barrett

Project Manager

Chicago, IL

Aaron Anderson

Senior Technical Product Manager at Amazon

Chicago, IL

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Aaron Dennis

Vice President

Chicago, IL

Aaron Dennis

Founder And Producer And Videographer And Editor

Traverse City, MI

Aaron Dennis

Mechanical Engineer

Wilmington, NC

Aaron Dennis

Voice Actor And Podcaster And Narrator

Laguna Niguel, CA

Aaron Dennis

General Laborer

Toms River, NJ

Aaron Dennis

Accounting And Finance Intern

Springfield, MO

Aaron Dennis

Sales Representative

Derry, NH

Aaron Dennis

Senior Loan Consultant

Parker, CO

Aaron Dennis

Orlando, FL

Aaron Dennis

Service Technician

Shelton, CT

Aaron Dennis


Lebanon, MO