Ahmad Yaacoobi

industry: Government Relations

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Washington, District Of Columbia, United States



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Concord, CA


Georgetown University ∙︎ Washington, DC

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2009 – 2009

FAQ about Ahmad Yaacoobi

What general information is available regarding Ahmad Yaacoobi?

Ahmad Yaacoobi is a man. Now, he lives in Washington, DC.

What is his place of employment?

There are no records about his current place of employment in our database.

What does Ahmad Yaacoobi do?

There is no publicly available employment history for Ahmad Yaacoobi.

Is he a university graduate?

Ahmad Yaacoobi is a graduate of Georgetown University. He studied there in 2009 - 2009.

What industries does Ahmad Yaacoobi have professional experience in?

He has experience in this area: government relations.

Is there any information as to how much Ahmad Yaacoobi makes a month?

There is no publicly available information about Ahmad Yaacoobi's monthly income range.

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Ahmad Yaacoobi

Washington, DC

Ahmad Yaacoobi


Concord, CA