Abby Orr

Healthcare Informaticist at St. Louis Children's Hospital

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Saint Louis, Missouri, United States



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Saint Louis, MO


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Healthcare Informaticist

St. Louis Children's Hospital

Jul 2019 — Present ∙︎ 4 years 3 months

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Saint Louis, MO


Hospital & Health Care

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Southern Illinois University Edwardsville ∙︎ Edwardsville, IL

Post-secondary institution

MAJORS: informatics, healthcare

DEGREE: master of science, masters

2017 – 2019

FAQ about Abby Orr

What general information about Abby Orr is available?

Abby Orr is a woman. Saint Louis, MO is a place where she currently lives.

What is Abby Orr's present workplace?

She has a job with St. Louis Children's Hospital, a hospital & health care organization created in 1879 with a total staff of 1001-5000.

What is Abby Orr’s profession?

It is believed that she is a healthcare informaticist.

Which college did she study at?

Abby Orr is a graduate of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. She studied there in 2017 - 2019. Abby majored in informatics, healthcare and holds a master of science, masters degree.

What are the fields that she has work experience in?

She has expertise in the following area: hospital & health care.

Is any information available about the people who work with her?

The following people work at the same company as Abby Orr: Mary Raney, a neonatal nurse practitioner; Jeff Hrbacek, a data specialist; Mary Childrens, a lead speech language pathologist; Mark Eagan, a business analyst; Veronica Carolfi, a child life intern; Anne Turner, a clinical dietitian; Kimberly Goss, a child life specialist; Susan Basile, a financial transplant coordinator; Alicia Collings, an advanced modality radiologic technologist; Bryant Lee, a clinical information systems coordinator; Susie Jennison, an assistant nurse manager - pediatric icu; Kimberly Abbott, an interventional technologist.

What are Abby Orr's monthly earnings?

There is no information about Abby Orr's monthly income.

Abby Orr's co-workers at St. Louis Children's Hospital

Mary Raney

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

Saint Louis, MO

Jeff Hrbacek

Data Specialist

Saint Louis, MO

Mary Childrens

Lead Speech Language Pathologist

Saint Louis, MO

Mark Eagan

Business Analyst

Saint Louis, MO

Veronica Carolfi

Child Life Intern

Saint Louis, MO

Anne Turner

Clinical Dietitian

Saint Louis, MO

Kimberly Goss

Child Life Specialist

Saint Louis, MO

Susan Basile

Financial Transplant Coordinator

Saint Louis, MO

Alicia Collings

Advanced Modality Radiologic Technologist

Saint Louis, MO

Bryant Lee

Clinical Information Systems Coordinator

Saint Louis, MO

Susie Jennison

Assistant Nurse Manager - Pediatric Icu

Saint Louis, MO

Kimberly Abbott

Interventional Technologist

Saint Louis, MO

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Abby Orr's former colleagues

Bernard Winters

Registered Nurse

Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center

Saint Louis, MO

Gregory Entis

Cincinnati, OH

Carol D'agostino

Scheduling Automation Manager

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Festus, MO

Cpen Susan Webber Msn-Hcsm

Spn Board Of Directors

Society Of Pediatric Nurses

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Brandy Allen

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