Rajan Roland

Director - Short Haul Latin Pricing And Revenue Management at United Airlines

roles: Sales

level: Director

industry: Airlines/Aviation

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Type: Personal


Type: Personal

About Rajan Roland


Chicago, Illinois, United States



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New Lenox, IL


Director - Short Haul Latin Pricing And Revenue Management

ROLES: Sales (Business Development)

LEVEL: Director

United Airlines

2017 — Present ∙︎ 6 years

About United Airlines


Chicago, IL



Company size




Project Manager

ROLES: Operations (Project Management)

LEVEL: Manager


1999 — 2002 ∙︎ 3 years

About Inforte




Information Technology And Services

Company size





Keane Consulting Ltd

1997 — 1999 ∙︎ 2 years

About Keane Consulting Ltd




Information Technology And Services

Company size


Project Leader

LEVEL: Manager

Rush University Medical Center

May 2006 — Sep 2007 ∙︎ 1 year 4 months

About Rush University Medical Center


Chicago, IL


Hospital & Health Care

Company size




Project Manager

ROLES: Operations (Project Management)

LEVEL: Manager

Rr Donnelley

Mar 2002 — Apr 2006 ∙︎ 4 years 1 month

About Rr Donnelley


Chicago, IL



Company size





University Of Illinois At Urbana - Champaign ∙︎ Champaign, IL

Post-secondary institution

MAJORS: chemical engineering

DEGREE: bachelors, bachelor of science

1992 – 1997

Northwestern University - Kellogg School Of Management ∙︎ Evanston, IL

Post-secondary institution

MAJORS: marketing, management, finance

DEGREE: master of business administration, masters

2005 – 2007



business strategy




process improvement

data analysis

competitive analysis


cross functional team leadership

business analysis

revenue analysis


program management

marketing strategy

pricing strategy


business process


business process improvement

mergers and acquisitions

revenue management

financial analysis

strategic planning

team leadership


operations management

management consulting




business development

business intelligence




market analysis


product management

project planning

change management

executive management



contract negotiation

vendor management

team building


FAQ about Rajan Roland

What background information is available regarding Rajan Roland in our database?

Rajan Roland is a man. His present location is Chicago, IL. He takes an interest in new technology.

Which company or organization does Rajan Roland work for?

According to our files, he has a job with United Airlines, a airlines/aviation organization established in the year of 1926 that employs 10001+ people.

What does Rajan Roland do for a living?

He is employed as a director - short haul latin pricing and revenue management and pursues a career related to the following professional field/job: sales, business development. Based on public records, he has a director level position.

Is he a university graduate?

Rajan Roland is an University Of Illinois At Urbana - Champaign graduate. He went to college in 1992 - 1997. Rajan's college major was chemical engineering. He holds a bachelors, bachelor of science degree.

What are the fields that he has experience in?

He has expertise in the following areas: airlines/aviation, information technology and services, hospital & health care and printing.

Who else is an employee at the company Rajan Roland works for?

The following people are reported to work with him: Madeline Spiegel, an airport operations resource planning analyst; Ashley Ness, an aircraft dispatcher at united airlines; Anth Black, an analyst; Edgar Oviedo, an aircraft maintenance supervisor; Shaddiff Mckamie, an administrative assistant; Leroy Dawson, an analyst; Robert Barnard, a 777 program manager; Juliana Fitzgerald, an aircraft dispatcher; David Hoium, an aircraft maintenance technican; Shane Mitchell, an analyst, domestic network planning and scheduling; Ryan Veen, a 737 first officer; Anne Hendrickson, an accounting input auditor.

Does he have professional skills in strategy?

Yes, he possesses strategy skills as well as 46 other skills.

Where was Rajan Roland employed before the current job?

Before United Airlines, Rajan Roland was employed in 4 different companies including Inforte, Keane Consulting Ltd, Rush University Medical Center, and Rr Donnelley.

Is there any information as to how much Rajan Roland earns?

Rajan Roland earns $>250,000 every month. The information is provided based on the data available for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

Rajan Roland's co-workers at United Airlines

Madeline Spiegel

Airport Operations Resource Planning Analyst

Chicago, IL

Ashley Ness

Aircraft Dispatcher At United Airlines

Chicago, IL

Anth Black


Chicago, IL

Edgar Oviedo

Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor

Chicago, IL

Shaddiff Mckamie

Administrative Assistant

Chicago, IL

Leroy Dawson


Chicago, IL

Robert Barnard

777 Program Manager

Chicago, IL

Juliana Fitzgerald

Aircraft Dispatcher

Chicago, IL

David Hoium

Aircraft Maintenance Technican

Chicago, IL

Shane Mitchell

Analyst, Domestic Network Planning And Scheduling

Chicago, IL

Ryan Veen

737 First Officer

Chicago, IL

Anne Hendrickson

Accounting Input Auditor

Chicago, IL

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Director Of Finance | Branch Fba


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Bianca Morgan

Funeral Director

Golden Gate University

Chicago, IL

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Executive Director

The Griffin Foundation Nfp

Chicago, IL

Jackie Levernier

Director Sales Operations

Brightstar Corp.

Chicago, IL

Amber Fox

Director Of Operations

Salon Professional Education Company

Chicago, IL

Mashruf Habib

Ceo, Managing Director


Chicago, IL

Marion Quigley

Social Media Director

Romar Cabinet & Top Co

Chicago, IL

Jennifer Briar

Director Of Financial Planning And Analysis

Devry University

Chicago, IL

Sylvia Wetzel

Executive Director - Hrm

Kane County

Chicago, IL

Julian Levin

Director | Health Actuarial


Chicago, IL

Natalia Espinosa

Creative Director

Cancer Wellness

Chicago, IL

Kwaasi Djin

Creative Director

Bbbloke Studios

Chicago, IL

Rajan Roland's former colleagues

Dan Mccarthy

Senior Managing Director


Chicago, IL

Jay Orler

Chief Technology Officer

The Novellus Group

Colleyville, TX

Andrew Gaeckle

Director, Customer Experience

West Monroe Partners

Plainfield, IL

Darius Vaskelis

Chief Digital Officer

Encore Event Technologies

Chicago, IL

Bernie Jezercak

Managing Director

Jezercak Consulting

Dallas, TX

Neal Sterchi

Senior Regional Sales Manager


San Jose, CA

James Hogan


Sharp Edge Tech

Chicago, IL

Johnna Dalby

Offsite Purchasing Manager


Laguna Niguel, CA

Kimberly West

Senior Corporate Counsel

Hollister Co.

Chicago, IL

Kirsten Doornbos

Solution Executive, Customer Engagement Analytics

Nice Systems

Orange County, CA

Kyle Hoye

Managing Partner

Kendalldeclan Search

Atlanta, GA

Matthew Huecker

Customer Products Director


Huntington Beach, CA

Colleagues in the industry: Airlines/Aviation

Madeline Jaderberg

Chicago, IL

Timothy Tolrud

Chicago, IL

Edgecombe James

Chicago, IL

Paul Atkinson

Chicago, IL

John Tabios

Chicago, IL

Grant Swanson

Chicago Illinois

Chicago, IL

Rustin King

Chicago, IL

Cristina Bottum

Chicago, IL

Michael Allen

Chicago, IL

Colleen Berk

Chicago, IL

Patricia Kogut

Chicago, IL

Kevin Rausch

Chicago, IL

Rajan Roland's fellow alumni

Kathy Buscemi

Chicago, IL

Matt Williams

Chicago, IL

Rick Parrin

Bluffton, SC

James Hopping

Austin, TX

Kevin Larsen

Del Mar, CA

Tim Lawler

Chicago, IL

Danny Meidan

West Palm Beach, FL

Jason Mick

Vernon Hills, IL

Holly Duncan

Dallas, TX

Kevin Dolsen

Chicago, IL

Nicole Vega

Charlotte, NC

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Stephanie Felicetty

Chemical Engineering, Bachelor Of Engineering, Bachelors

Satyajit Kharkar

Chemical Engineering, Bachelors

Sandhya Gupta

Chemical Engineering

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Accounting, Finance, Master Of Business Administration, Masters

Christopher Migala

Finance, Bachelors, Bachelor Of Science

Matt Chaplin


Shayan Farooq

Accounting, Finance, Bachelors, Bachelor Of Science

Shumayala Gangal

Accounting, Finance

Marcus Hammonds

Chemical Engineering, Bachelors, Bachelor Of Science

Jorge Rivera


Betsey Nohe

Chemical Engineering, Bachelors, Bachelor Of Science

Robert Klima

Chemical Engineering, Bachelors, Bachelor Of Science

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Ajay Singh

Advisory Director at Pwc

Skills: airlines, analysis, analytics, aviation, budgets and 27 more

Gloria Berndl

Skills: airlines, analytics, aviation, budgets, business analysis and 26 more

Tarundeep Suri

Venture Partner at Nextgen Venture Partners

Skills: airlines, analysis, aviation, business analysis, business process and 20 more

Bernard Deir

President at Midwest Business Consulting

Skills: airlines, analysis, aviation, budgets, business development and 19 more

David Balfour

Enterprise Account Executive

Skills: airlines, analysis, analytics, aviation, business development and 19 more

Nabila Afifi

Skills: airlines, analysis, budgets, business analysis, business development and 19 more

Rob Drotar

Principal Consultant at Thoughtworks

Skills: airlines, analysis, budgets, business analysis, business development and 18 more

Niranjana Shah

Skills: airlines, analysis, aviation, business analysis, business intelligence and 18 more

Bruce Josephs

Manager Domestic Opportunity at United Airlines

Skills: airlines, aviation, budgets, business strategy, change management and 18 more

Joni Teragawachi

Director Of Worldwide Airport Operations And Cargo Training at United Airlines

Skills: airlines, analysis, aviation, budgets, business analysis and 18 more

Sharmila Gade

Senior Manager, Consumer Markets at Pwc

Skills: airlines, aviation, business analysis, business intelligence, business process and 18 more

Praveen Sharma

Vice President, Digital Products And Enterprise Analytics at United Airlines

Skills: airlines, analytics, business analysis, business development, business intelligence and 18 more

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Adam Biggam

Executive Vice President - Utilities Business Unit Leader At En Engineering at En Engineering

Chicago, IL

Adam West

Advisory - Finance Effectiveness Senior Manager at Pwc

Chicago, IL

Adriana Maldonado

Linkage To Care Specialist At Howard Brown Health at Howard Brown Health

Chicago, IL

Adam Butler

President - U.s Beverages, Snacks, Desserts at The Kraft Heinz Company

Chicago, IL

Ada Lopez

Costumer Care Representative at The Roomplace

Chicago, IL

Abdul Mohsin

Senior Associate, Advisory Cyber Security Services at Kpmg

Chicago, IL

Adolf Pfeiffer

President And Chief Executive Officer At Lechler Inc at Lechler

Chicago, IL

Al Sutherland

Senior Vice President And Chief Administrative Officer at Firstonsite Restoration

Chicago, IL

Aira Tantoco

Administrative And Patient Care Aide

Chicago, IL

Ahna Severts

Senior Vice President Strategy And General Counsel at Wilton Brands

Chicago, IL

Adam Brent

Founder And Chief Executive Officer at Cocoa

Chicago, IL

Adam Trzynka

Senior Vice President Multi-Family And Student Housing at Foresite Realty Partners, Llc

Chicago, IL