Aaron Bowman

Electrician at R & L Electric, Inc.

roles: Trades

industry: Construction

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Dallas, Texas, United States



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Weatherford, TX


San Antonio, TX


Katy, TX


Friendswood, TX


Gatesville, TX


Rowlett, TX


San Antonio, TX


Whitehouse, TX


Prosper, TX


Santa Fe, TX


Los Angeles, CA


Springfield, IL



ROLES: Trades

R & L Electric, Inc.

Jul 2016 — Present ∙︎ 7 years 5 months

About R & L Electric, Inc.


Weatherford, TX



Company size



ROLES: Trades

Feller Electric

Sep 2014 — Jul 2016 ∙︎ 1 year 10 months

Administrative Specialist

United States Marine Corps

Aug 2003 — Jul 2013 ∙︎ 9 years 11 months

About United States Marine Corps


Washington, DC



Company size



Weatherford College ∙︎ Weatherford, TX

Post-secondary institution

2014 – 2014


microsoft office


customer service

team leadership


microsoft excel

project management

strategic planning

military operations

office management

microsoft word



public speaking

military experience


program management

office administration

weapons handling

data entry

military training

operations management

force protection

operational planning

logistics management

physical security



team building

organizational leadership


leadership development

supervisory skills

weapons training

marine corps

security clearance

problem solving

social media


project planning

inventory management

u.s. department of defense

account management

human resources


time management



FAQ about Aaron Bowman

Which background information is available regarding Aaron Bowman?

Aaron Bowman is a male. His place of residence is Dallas, TX. Aaron knows English.

What company is he currently employed by?

He is known to be employed by R & L Electric, Inc., a construction organization with a total of 1-10 employees.

What is Aaron Bowman’s profession?

He is an electrician and pursues a career associated with the following professional area/occupation: trades.

Which university did he study at?

Aaron Bowman studied Weatherford College. He was in college from 2014 to 2014.

Which industries did Aaron Bowman work in?

He has already worked in the following fields: construction and military.

Who else is employed by the company Aaron Bowman works at?

It is reported that his workmates are Matilde Garza, an apprentice electrican; Clint Cordell, a lead electrician; Jacob Songer, an electrician; Aaron Mcdonald, a project manager; Allen Tassell, an electrican; Sharief Smith, an electrician; Ryan Duff, an electrical apprentice; Tish Herod, a human resources project administrator; Robert Hada, an electrical supervisor; Larry Ridgeway, an electrician; Frank Burgos, an electrician.

Does he have skills in the microsoft office sphere?

He possesses microsoft office skills, plus 45 other work skills.

Where was Aaron Bowman employed before the current company?

Prior to R & L Electric, Inc., Aaron Bowman was employed in 2 different companies including Feller Electric and United States Marine Corps

How much does Aaron Bowman earn per month?

No information is available about Aaron Bowman's salary range.

Aaron Bowman's co-workers at R & L Electric, Inc.

Matilde Garza

Apprentice Electrican

Dallas, TX

Clint Cordell

Lead Electrician

Houston, TX

Jacob Songer


Houston, TX

Aaron Mcdonald

Project Manager

Houston, TX

Allen Tassell


Houston, TX

Sharief Smith


Houston, TX

Ryan Duff

Electrical Apprentice

Houston, TX

Tish Herod

Human Resources Project Administrator

Aledo, TX

Robert Hada

Electrical Supervisor

Orange County, CA

Larry Ridgeway


Haven, KS

Frank Burgos


New York, NY

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Aaron Bowman's former colleagues

Troy Lowe

Regional Maintenance Manager


Las Vegas, NV

B.s James Mccoy

Las Vegas, NV

Justin Rumps


Defense Manpower Data Center

Sand City, CA

Norman Agustin

Human Resources Manager

Fry's Food And Drug

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Founder And Chief Executive Officer

Uattain Coaching

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Kevin Schlegel

Mortgage Loan Originator

American Mortgage Network

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Scott Burke

Sompe Developmental Test Technician

Cruz Associates, Inc.

Navarre, FL

Wes Sharp

Keynote Speaker

Target Leadership

Buford, GA

Jason Ruedi

Provost Marshal , Marine Corps Installations Pacific

United States Marine Corps

Washington, DC

Jack Erdman

Director Of Finance

Warner Telecomm

Holly Springs, NC

Dominick Zamarlik

Senior Commodity Leader - Static And Rotating Equipment


Baton Rouge, LA

John Krizan

Regional Sales Manager

Clarke Power Services, Inc.

Greensboro, NC

Colleagues in the industry: Construction

Mike Morgan

Dallas, TX

Berry Shaw

Dallas, TX

Andy Bautz

Dallas, TX

Mickey Cupp

Dallas, TX

Felton Meyer

Dallas, TX

Cody Mollenhauer

Dallas, TX

Céline Jefferson

Dallas, TX

Brad Nelson

Dallas, TX

Joe Fassoth

Dallas, TX

Robert Terrell

Dallas, TX

Clay Sturgis

Dallas, TX

Michelle Evans

Dallas, TX

Aaron Bowman's fellow alumni

Jordan Meason

Weatherford, TX

Mike Slawson

Dallas, TX

David Lones

Weatherford, TX

Chelsey Plunkett

Colorado Springs, CO

Colton Galbreaith

Weatherford, TX

Stephanie Gilbert

Memphis, TX

Kristi Nukala

Dallas, TX

Stephanie Walker

Azle, TX

Jamie Oliver

Dallas, TX

Andrew Bachelder

Fort Worth, TX

Mandi Bane

Weatherford, TX

Brandy Waelti

Naperville, IL

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