Harris Hill

It Technician

roles: Engineering

industry: Marketing And Advertising

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Upper Sandusky, Ohio, United States



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Upper Sandusky, OH


Cincinnati, OH


Upper Sandsky, OH


Sandusky, OH


New Phila, OH


Warren, OH


Columbus, OH


Chesterhill, OH


Cincinnati, OH


Clyde, OH


Ashtabula, OH


North Canton, OH


It Technician

ROLES: Engineering (Information Technology)

FAQ about Harris Hill

What information is available about Harris Hill?

Harris Hill is a man. Upper Sandusky, OH is a place where he currently resides.

What’s the name of the company Harris Hill works for?

There is no publicly available information about his workplace.

What is his profession?

He works as an it technician and has a career related to the following professional area/employment: engineering, information technology.

Does he have an academic degree?

There is no information about his university education in our database.

What professional areas does he have experience in?

He worked in the following area: marketing and advertising.

How much does Harris Hill get paid?

Based on our records, Harris Hill gets paid $70,000-85,000 per month. The information is provided in accordance with the data available for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

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