Adam Lang

Communications And Marketing Manager at Water Research Foundation

roles: Human Resources

level: Manager

industry: Research

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Denver, Colorado, United States



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Denver, CO


Aspen, CO


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Riverview, FL


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Emerson, NJ


Communications And Marketing Manager

ROLES: Human Resources

LEVEL: Manager

Water Research Foundation

Aug 2015 — Present ∙︎ 8 years 4 months

About Water Research Foundation


Denver, CO



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University Of Maryland ∙︎ College Park, MD

Post-secondary institution

MAJORS: history, journalism

DEGREE: bachelors, bachelor of arts

1993 – 1997


water resource management

social media

content management


website promotion

media relations

environmental engineering

technical writing

environmental policy


content strategy

energy conservation


environmental awareness

social media marketing

email marketing

technical editing

image editing

public relations

water management


marketing strategy

copy editing

water quality

FAQ about Adam Lang

What information is available about Adam Lang?

Adam Lang is a male. His actual location is Denver, CO.

What’s the name of the company Adam Lang works for?

He works for Water Research Foundation, a research industry company founded in 1966 with 11-50 existing employees.

What is Adam Lang’s profession?

He is employed as a communications and marketing manager and pursues a career associated with the following professional area/occupation: human resources. According to the current information available, he has a manager level position.

Is he a university graduate?

Adam Lang graduated from University Of Maryland. He attended college 1993 to 1997. Adam majored in history, journalism. He got a bachelors, bachelor of arts degree.

What are the industries that he has worked in?

He has experience in research.

Who else is employed by the company Adam Lang works at?

The following people are known to be Adam Lang's colleagues: Kenan Ozekin, a senior research manager; Traci Case, a research services manager; Michelle Suazo, a communications coordinator; Megan Karklins, a content manager; Melanie Smythe, a senior accountant; Sally Ferris, a database manager; Djanette Khiari, a research manager; Grace Jang, a research manager; Sherry Morrison, an executive assistant; Linda Reekie, a research manager; Mary Smith, a research manager; Kay Priebe, an administrator assistant.

Is he qualified in water resource management?

Yes, he has water resource management skills as well as 23 other professional competencies.

What is Adam Lang's salary range?

Our records show that Adam Lang's inferred monthly earnings are $100,000-150,000. This information is provided in accordance with the data analyzed for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

Adam Lang's co-workers at Water Research Foundation

Kenan Ozekin

Senior Research Manager

Denver, CO

Traci Case

Research Services Manager

Denver, CO

Michelle Suazo

Communications Coordinator

Denver, CO

Megan Karklins

Content Manager

Denver, CO

Melanie Smythe

Senior Accountant

Denver, CO

Sally Ferris

Database Manager

Denver, CO

Djanette Khiari

Research Manager

Denver, CO

Grace Jang

Research Manager

Denver, CO

Sherry Morrison

Executive Assistant

Denver, CO

Linda Reekie

Research Manager

Denver, CO

Mary Smith

Research Manager

Denver, CO

Kay Priebe

Administrator Assistant

Denver, CO

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Kelli Whitelaw

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Christian Roberts

Customer Care Manager

Level 3 Communications

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Joseph Palomares

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Adam Lang's former colleagues

Christopher Harris

Lead Digital Communications Manager

Denver, CO

Steve Klick


Klick Way

Harrisburg, PA

Kim Linton

Life Coach And Manager

Denver, CO

Bart Weiss

Chief Officer, Innovation And Resiliency

Hillsborough County

Tampa, FL

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Bureau Of Reclamation

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One Water Academy

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City Of Roseville, Mn

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Jill Wisehart

Account Manager


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Beate Wright

Vice President And Client Services Manager

Carollo Engineers

Clifton, VA

Gail Perry

Database Migration Manager

Metropolitan State University Of Denver

Denver, CO

Shonnie Cline

Senior Professional And Client Services Manager

Corona Environmental Consulting, Llc

Brighton, CO

Linda Reekie

Research Manager

Water Research Foundation

Denver, CO

Colleagues in the industry: Research

Tim Lucera

Denver, CO

Annastasia Jackson

Denver, CO

Apinya Thimamontri

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