Deb Schwellenbach

Senior Manager Jcl Scheduling And Mainframe Coverage at United Airlines

levels: Manager, Senior

industry: Airlines/Aviation

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Chicago, Illinois, United States



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Senior Manager Jcl Scheduling And Mainframe Coverage

LEVELS: Manager, Senior

United Airlines

May 1997 — Present ∙︎ 26 years 7 months

About United Airlines


Chicago, IL



Company size




Program Manager

ROLES: Operations

LEVEL: Manager

Zurich North America

Oct 1996 — May 1997 ∙︎ 7 months

About Zurich North America


Schaumburg, IL



Company size





Eastern Illinois University ∙︎ Charleston, IL

Post-secondary institution

MAJORS: psychology

DEGREE: bachelors

1979 – 1982



process improvement


vendor management

program management

it strategy


business process improvement

project portfolio management

operations management




change management

disaster recovery



enterprise architecture

it management


team leadership

project planning

project management

cross functional team leadership



commercial aviation

business analysis


requirements analysis


software documentation

FAQ about Deb Schwellenbach

What information is available about Deb Schwellenbach?

Deb Schwellenbach is a female. She presently resides in Chicago, IL.

What company does she work for?

She is currently employed at United Airlines, a airlines/aviation industry organization created in 1926 with a total of 10001+ employees.

What is Deb Schwellenbach’s profession?

It is known that she is a senior manager jcl scheduling and mainframe coverage. Based on the current information available, her job level is manager.

Did she go to university?

Deb Schwellenbach is an Eastern Illinois University graduate. She went to college in 1979 - 1982. Deb earned a bachelors degree with a major in psychology.

What are the professional fields that Deb Schwellenbach has been involved in?

She has worked in these fields: airlines/aviation and insurance.

Who are her workmates?

Deb Schwellenbach has the following colleagues: Zach Hart; Shaddiff Mckamie, an administrative assistant; Al Buyer, an aircraft mechanic; Ian Johnstone, an adjunct dispatch instructor; Emilio Contreras, an airport operations supervisor; Kevin Hansen, an aircraft mechanic; Jackie Jia, an analyst; Kris Terrones, an airline pilot; Peter Giannoudakos, an analyst, flight operations and noc applications support - information technology; Maile Gloria, an aircraft dispatcher; Shari Nolan, an administrative assistant; Amy Geraghty.

Does she have airlines skills?

Yes, she possesses airlines skills, plus 31 other professional skills.

Where was Deb Schwellenbach employed before the current company?

Deb Schwellenbach was employed by Zurich North America.

Is there any information as to how much Deb Schwellenbach makes every month?

Deb Schwellenbach's salary range is $100,000-150,000 per month. The salary information is provided based on the statistics available for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

Deb Schwellenbach's co-workers at United Airlines

Zach Hart

Chicago, IL

Shaddiff Mckamie

Administrative Assistant

Chicago, IL

Al Buyer

Aircraft Mechanic

Chicago, IL

Ian Johnstone

Adjunct Dispatch Instructor

Chicago, IL

Emilio Contreras

Airport Operations Supervisor

Chicago, IL

Kevin Hansen

Aircraft Mechanic

Chicago, IL

Jackie Jia


Chicago, IL

Kris Terrones

Airline Pilot

Chicago, IL

Peter Giannoudakos

Analyst, Flight Operations And Noc Applications Support - Information Technology

Chicago, IL

Maile Gloria

Aircraft Dispatcher

Chicago, IL

Shari Nolan

Administrative Assistant

Chicago, IL

Amy Geraghty

Chicago, IL

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Deb Schwellenbach's former colleagues

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Executive Assistant

Discover Financial Services

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Office Coordinator

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Westminster, MD

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Hall Of Fame Committee Member

Us Youth Soccer

Phoenix, AZ

Kathy Harper

Chicago, IL

Colleagues in the industry: Airlines/Aviation

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Chicago, IL

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Danny Lopez

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