Shep R Gabriel Leal

Qhse Manager, Service And Rentals at Canrig Drilling Technology Ltd.

level: Manager

industry: Oil & Energy

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Houston, Texas, United States



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Qhse Manager, Service And Rentals

LEVEL: Manager

Canrig Drilling Technology Ltd.

Oct 2017 — Present ∙︎ 6 years 2 months

About Canrig Drilling Technology Ltd.


Houston, TX


Oil & Energy

Company size


Hseq Manager, International

LEVEL: Manager

Pason Offshore Corp

Dec 2011 — Mar 2016 ∙︎ 4 years 3 months

Field And Safety Superintendent

Quality Ready Mix

Mar 2016 — Mar 2017 ∙︎ 1 year 0 months

Qhse Field Coordinator

Keane Group

Mar 2017 — Sep 2017 ∙︎ 6 months

About Keane Group


Houston, TX


Oil & Energy

Company size




Hse On-Site Supervisor

LEVEL: Manager

Miller Environmental Services, Llc

Feb 2008 — May 2008 ∙︎ 3 months

About Miller Environmental Services, Llc


Corpus Christi, TX


Environmental Services

Company size




Safety And Maintenance Supervisor

LEVEL: Manager

Quality Readymix

1999 — Aug 2004 ∙︎ 5 years

Hse Advisor And Hse Environmental Specialist

Precision Drilling

May 2008 — Apr 2011 ∙︎ 2 years 11 months

About Precision Drilling


Calgary, ALBERTA


Oil & Energy

Company size


Safety Coordinator

General Dynamics Information Technology

Jun 2007 — Feb 2008 ∙︎ 8 months

About General Dynamics Information Technology


Information Technology And Services

Company size


Sergeant- Infantry And Field Artillery

Us Army

May 1999 — May 2007 ∙︎ 8 years 0 months

About Us Army


Arlington, VA



Company size





The University Of Texas At Arlington ∙︎ Arlington, TX

Post-secondary institution

University Of Calgary ∙︎ Calgary, ALBERTA

Post-secondary institution

MAJORS: leadership, management, business

Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi ∙︎ Corpus Christi, TX

Post-secondary institution

DEGREE: bachelors, bachelor of science

2000 – 2006


safety management systems

occupational health




risk assessment

oil and gas

construction safety

oil and gas industry


hazardous materials

industrial safety

environmental awareness

offshore drilling

environmental management systems

hazard identification


incident investigation

emergency management


workplace safety

behavior based safety


hazard recognition

physical security

hazard analysis

international relations




FAQ about Shep R Gabriel Leal

What infomation is available in our database about Shep R Gabriel Leal?

Shep R Gabriel Leal is a man. He resides in Houston, TX. Shep can understand Spanish.

Which organization does he work for?

Public records indicate that he works with Canrig Drilling Technology Ltd., a oil & energy organization that currently has 201-500 employees.

What is his profession?

He is believed to be employed as a qhse manager, service and rentals. Based on public records, his job level is manager.

Did he go to university?

He was a student of The University Of Texas At Arlington.

Which professional industries was Shep R Gabriel Leal involved in?

He worked in various fields including oil & energy, environmental services, information technology and services and military.

Who else works for the company Shep R Gabriel Leal is employed at?

The following people are reported to be Shep R Gabriel Leal's workmates: Ramesh Marri, a lead software developer; Jason Gunderson, a project coordinator; Alberto Garcia, a quality control inspector; Willibrod Ndikum, a controls and automation engineer; Jane Towns, a mechanical engineer; Salim Rodan, a drilling performance specialist; Anthony Bostick, an instrumentation supervisor; Joe Ellington, a support technician; Juan Nava, a support technician; Marsha Dotson, a team leader parts department; Michael Bassett, a logging geologist; Steven Cain, a project manager.

Is he skilled in safety management systems?

He possesses safety management systems skills along with 27 other professional skills.

What companies did Shep R Gabriel Leal work for before the current workplace?

Shep R Gabriel Leal was previously employed in 8 different companies including Pason Offshore Corp, Quality Ready Mix, Keane Group, Miller Environmental Services, Llc, Quality Readymix, Precision Drilling, General Dynamics Information Technology, and Us Army.

Is there any information as to how much Shep R Gabriel Leal earns?

According to our records, Shep R Gabriel Leal's inferred monthly earnings are $85,000-100,000. This information is provided in accordance with the data analyzed for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

Shep R Gabriel Leal's co-workers at Canrig Drilling Technology Ltd.

Ramesh Marri

Lead Software Developer

Houston, TX

Jason Gunderson

Project Coordinator

Houston, TX

Alberto Garcia

Quality Control Inspector

Houston, TX

Willibrod Ndikum

Controls And Automation Engineer

Houston, TX

Jane Towns

Mechanical Engineer

Houston, TX

Salim Rodan

Drilling Performance Specialist

Houston, TX

Anthony Bostick

Instrumentation Supervisor

Houston, TX

Joe Ellington

Support Technician

Houston, TX

Juan Nava

Support Technician

Houston, TX

Marsha Dotson

Team Leader Parts Department

Houston, TX

Michael Bassett

Logging Geologist

Houston, TX

Steven Cain

Project Manager

Houston, TX

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Gabriela Ybarra

Lead Service Consultant


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Program Manager

Cyfair Isd

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Supervisor Advance Finance Technology

Centerpoint Energy

Houston, TX

Darwin Socco

Network Manager

Bracewell Giuliani

Houston, TX

Karen Costelloe

General Manager

Dartford & Gravesham Nhs Trust

Houston, TX

José Gabriel

General Manager

La Bendicion

Houston, TX

Eric Kim

Lead Cost Coordinator

Enterprise Products

Houston, TX

Justin Chapa

Print And Marketing Supervisor


Houston, TX

Bertrand Paul

Manager - Direction De Projet


Houston, TX

Kateryn Cruz

Shift Manager


Houston, TX

Michael Walser

Manager, Market Risk

Macquarie Group

Houston, TX

Gary Greeson

Head Bartender

Whole Foods Market

Houston, TX

Shep R Gabriel Leal's former colleagues

Russell Yerrington

Electronics Technician 3

Alamo Pressure Pumping

Andrews, TX

Blain Swisher

Field Supervisor

Alamo Pressure Pumping

Port Arthur, TX

Clay Harriman

Field Supervisor

Keeton Services Inc

College Station, TX

Tristan Cooper

Ehs Specialist

Salado, TX

Jonathan Fraley

S.o 2


Van Buren, AR

Roger Hackler

Completions Consultant

D&S Services Ltd

Austin, AR

Ryan Bain

Service Supervisor

Us Well Services

Williamsport, PA

Mark Sosko

Well Site Supervisor

Baker Hughes

Pittsburgh, PA

Beau Fletcher

On Site Representative

Eqt Corporation

Lock Haven, PA

Sang Cho

President + Cfo, Partner

Concealment Express

Jacksonville, FL

Ryan Smart

Lead Operator

Mallard Completions, Llc

Mansfield, TX

Melinda Brown

Financial Analyst


Houston, TX

Colleagues in the industry: Oil & Energy

Michelle Meade

Houston, TX

Richard Meyers

Houston, TX

Donnie Skidmore

Houston, TX

Jeff Coomber

Houston, TX

Sonia Le Quilleuc

Houston, TX

Will Wk

Houston, TX

Shilpa Agrawal

Houston, TX

Mary Toland

Houston, TX

Martin Payne

Houston, TX

Hannah Kristiansson

Houston, TX

Aands Nath

Houston, TX

Chris Boswell

Houston, TX

Shep R Gabriel Leal's fellow alumni

Susan Boddie

Albany, NY

Duncan Weinbender

Dallas, TX

Daniella Balzan

Gaithersburg, MD

Osuji Victor

Dallas, TX

Samantha Aretuo

Los Angeles, CA

Evan Jubb

Lawrence, PA

Patrick Tiffany

Milwaukee, WI

Azan Dhanani

San Antonio, TX

Riley B.comm

Cambridge, MA

Allison Sparico

New York, NY

Roy Fulton

Midland, TX

Elaine Kessy

Mars, PA

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Management, Project Management

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Business Management, Business, Accounting

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Business, Information Systems, Bachelors, Bachelor Of Arts

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Business Administration, Management, Business Administration And Management, Bachelor Of Applied Science, Bachelors

Desmond Mitchell

Marketing, Business Management, Business, Management, Bachelors

Carrie Reese


J.p Pean

Writing, Business

Shanté Williams

Business Management, Business, Management

Professionals with similar skills as Shep R Gabriel Leal

Brad George

Hse Advisor at Talos Energy Llc

Skills: behavior based safety, construction safety, drilling, ehs, emergency management and 18 more

Stan Burt

Skills: behavior based safety, construction safety, drilling, ehs, emergency management and 17 more

Kevin Overton

President - Charter Search Consultants

Skills: behavior based safety, construction safety, drilling, ehs, emergency management and 17 more

Paul Breaux

Risk Specialist at Berkley Oil & Gas

Skills: behavior based safety, construction safety, drilling, ehs, emergency management and 17 more

Chiagozie Okoro

Hseq Engineer And Compliance Coordinator Oil And Gas Tubing And Line Pipe at Borusan Mannesmann

Skills: behavior based safety, construction safety, drilling, ehs, emergency management and 17 more

Josh Minton

Senior Qhse Consultant And Training Instructor

Skills: behavior based safety, construction safety, drilling, ehs, emergency management and 17 more

Denise Pack

Transportation And Dot Compliance Manager at Us Well Services

Skills: behavior based safety, construction safety, drilling, ehs, environmental awareness and 16 more

Venus Kiesel

Health, Safety And Environmental Officer at Yellowstone Landscape

Skills: behavior based safety, construction safety, drilling, ehs, emergency management and 16 more

Paul Luker

President at Clear To Work

Skills: behavior based safety, construction safety, drilling, ehs, emergency management and 16 more

Marcelina Morales

Skills: behavior based safety, construction safety, drilling, ehs, emergency management and 16 more

Brad Koskowich

Ehs Management Consultant at Kore Connection

Skills: behavior based safety, construction safety, drilling, ehs, emergency management and 16 more

Rick Ingram

Member at National Advisory Committee For Occupational Safety And Health

Skills: behavior based safety, construction safety, drilling, ehs, emergency management and 16 more

People with the same inferred salary ($85,000-100,000)

Aaron Goetze

Manager, Natual Gas Sales at Intercontinental Exchange

Houston, TX

Aaron Lockstedt

Director Of Operations at Bar Louie

Houston, TX

Aaron Hogan

Parts Manager

Houston, TX

Aaron Hartman

Senior Engineer

Houston, TX

Aaron Orozco

Director Of Flow Cytometry- Center For Cell And Gene Therapy at Baylor College Of Medicine Department Of Pediatrics

Houston, TX

Aaron Yagel

Site Leader at Novozymes

Houston, TX

Aaron Smith

Global Solutions Engineer at Hewlett-Packard

Houston, TX

Aaron Darling

Solution Architect at Darling It

Houston, TX

Abbey Pampin

Associate Attorney at Greer Scott And Shropshire

Houston, TX

Aarti Getam

Instructional Assistant At University Of Houston at University Of Houston

Houston, TX

Aaron Holt

Attorney at Cozen O'connor

Houston, TX

Aaron Wilson

Associate Director at Scribbles & Giggles Child Care

Houston, TX