Brian Stuckey

Outside Sales Representative at The Reynolds And Reynolds Company

roles: Sales

industry: Computer Software

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Bowling Green, Ohio, United States



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Hicksville, OH


Outside Sales Representative

ROLES: Sales (Accounts)

The Reynolds And Reynolds Company

Jul 2012 — Present ∙︎ 11 years 5 months

About The Reynolds And Reynolds Company


Dayton, OH


Computer Software

Company size





The University Of Toledo ∙︎ Toledo, OH

Post-secondary institution

MAJORS: marketing

DEGREE: bachelors

2007 – 2012


sales operations

sales process

direct sales

account management

solution selling

lead generation

cold calling

FAQ about Brian Stuckey

Which general information is available regarding Brian Stuckey?

Brian Stuckey is a man. He is based in Bowling Green, OH at the moment.

What is Brian Stuckey's current workplace?

He works with The Reynolds And Reynolds Company, a company engaged in the computer software industry since 1866, with 1001-5000 employees in total.

What career does Brian Stuckey pursue?

He works as an outside sales representative and pursues a career related to the following professional area/occupation: sales, accounts.

Does he have a college degree?

Brian Stuckey is a graduate of The University Of Toledo. He studied there in 2007 - 2012. Brian's college major was marketing. He earned a bachelors degree.

What areas does he have professional experience in?

He has experience in the following industry: computer software.

Who does he work with?

He is reported to work with Chris Roberts, a customer solutions professional; Alex Carnegis, a customer service intern; Julie Kays, a computer consultant; Joseph Grieshop, a vice president of marketing; Rick Richman, a cash and risk manager; Elizabeth Asman, a buyer; Scott Honnold, a supervisor; Greg Schuster, a data analyst; Joe Rramanauskas, a sales; Darrin Freeborn, a software implementation supervisor; Shelia Weidel, a call center; Shaleika Anderson, a customer account services.

Does he have professional sales operations competencies?

Yes, he has sales operations skills along with 7 other skills.

What's Brian Stuckey's inferred monthly income?

Brian Stuckey earns $45,000-55,000 every month. This information is provided based on the data available for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

Brian Stuckey's co-workers at The Reynolds And Reynolds Company

Chris Roberts

Customer Solutions Professional

Dayton, OH

Alex Carnegis

Customer Service Intern

Dayton, OH

Julie Kays

Computer Consultant

Dayton, OH

Joseph Grieshop

Vice President Of Marketing

Centerville, OH

Rick Richman

Cash And Risk Manager

Dayton, OH

Elizabeth Asman


Dayton, OH

Scott Honnold


Brookville, OH

Greg Schuster

Data Analyst

Dayton, OH

Joe Rramanauskas


Columbus, OH

Darrin Freeborn

Software Implementation Supervisor

Akron, OH

Shelia Weidel

Call Center

Dayton, OH

Shaleika Anderson

Customer Account Services

Dayton, OH

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Brian Stuckey's former colleagues

Gavin Hanlon

Philadelphia, PA

Tamela Graham

Senior Manager Tac Operations , Infrastructure And Technology Support

The Reynolds And Reynolds Company

Dayton, OH

Jerry Marchal

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Ed Bolka

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Golden Harvest Infotech

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Miami Valley Juvenile Rehabilation Center

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Sec And Treas

Cy Schwieterman

Saint Henry, OH

Mike Mcglone

Market Development Manager


Dayton, OH

Tom Fuller

Dallas, TX

Colleagues in the industry: Computer Software

Darhel Baker


Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill

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Alex Bielen

Engineering Manager

Two Bulls

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Andrew Knackstedt

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Critical Business Analysis, Inc

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Senecio Software

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Mark Heider

System Administrator

A Public University

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Jamond Hampton


Buffalo Wild Wings

Bowling Green, OH

David Vollmar

Engineer - Software Development

Accelya Kale Solutions Limited

Bowling Green, OH

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Sonia Goldsby

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Dominique Cousin

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Jacquie Lowe

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Nicole Kolacki

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Barbara Hamman

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