Easy Xafs

Chief Technology Officer at Easyxafs

roles: Engineering

level: Cxo

industry: Research

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Seattle, Washington, United States


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Chief Technology Officer

ROLES: Engineering



FAQ about Easy Xafs

Which general information about Easy Xafs is available in our database?

They currently live in Seattle, WA.

What’s the name of the company Easy Xafs works for?

Easy Xafs is currently employed by Easyxafs, according to our records.

What kind of work does Easy Xafs do?

Easy Xafs is a chief technology officer and pursues a career associated with the following professional area/occupation: engineering. According to public records, Easy Xafs's job level is cxo.

Where did Easy Xafs study?

No college records have been found in our database.

What areas does Easy Xafs have work experience in?

Easy Xafs has expertise in the following area: research.

Who else is employed by the company Easy Xafs works for?

There is no information about Easy's workmates.

How much does Easy Xafs earn per month?

Our records show that Easy Xafs's inferred monthly salary is $150,000-250,000. The salary information is provided in accordance with the statistics available for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

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